Rico Frederick
Spoken Word Artist

Rico Frederick is a fun-loving Trinidadian transplant, a full-time Art Director for a major design agency in New York City, the Author of “Broken Calypsonian” a collection of poetry published by Penmanship books,  a Graphic Novelist, & The founder of DizzyEngine Inc. (A one-man design shop). Rico loves gummy bears & pistachio ice cream, scribbles poems on the backs of maps in hopes they will take him someplace new. He calls Harlem home.

Rico is the first poet ever to represent all four New York City poetry
venues at the National Poetry Slam: 

— Four-time Nuyorican Poets Cafe Grand Slam Finalist

— Four-time Urbana Poetry Slam Grand Slam Finalist

— Two-Time Intangible Slam Grand Slam Finalist

— 2010 Grand Slam Champion of The LouderARTS Project

— 2012 Grand Slam Champion of Jersey City Slam

Art Director for Penmanship Books, & commissioned designer for Urban Word Inc. A former slammaster of The louderARTS Project and former committee member of the Urbana Poetry Slam, Rico's image has appeared in the New York Times, his poetry published in print & web-zines. “Heartbreaker” a stereoscopic short film in collaboration with Nice Shoes Creative Director, Aron Baxter, was a 2011 Official Selection of the 8th Annual Big Apple Film Festival.


Ricardo Frederick            

manuscripts        Broken Calypsonian                                                            2014       
                                   Penmanship Books                     

                                  Wine Pressed Blood                                                             in proces                                    

publications - poems    
No Dear Magazine – Blood coughed across the sky (Poem)          Spring 2015
Muzzle – Four Hours At The Hospital                                                    Fall 2013

publications - other    
Cold Front (website) – Song of the Day: Turn Down For What?     Summer 2015
Great Weather for Media – Interview with Thomas Fucaloro         Summer 2015

awards & honors        

Nuyorican Poets Cafe Grand Slam Finalist                         2012, 2011, 2008, 2007

Intangible Slam Grand Slam Finalist                                     2012, 2011

Jersey City Slam Grand Slam Champion                             2012

Nuyorican National Poetry Slam Team Member            2012 (Team Ranked 3rd Nationally)

Urbana Poetry Slam Grand Slam Finalist                           2011, 2010, 2008, 2007

The LouderARTS Project Grand Slam Champion           2010

professional service    Slam Master
The Louder Arts Project                                                            2013-2014       

Freelance Art Director/Design
Poets House                                                                                        2015

Urban Word Grand Slam Final                                                             2014
New York State Youth Poet Laureate                                               2014
Urban Word Grand Slam Semifinals                                                 2013

readings & performances    
Nuyorican Poets Cafe                                                                              2000-Present
Great Weather for Media’s Spoken Word Sundays                    2015
Kiss*Punch*Poem                                                                                     2015
The Faculty House at Columbia University                                  2015
Suffern Poetry                                                                                            2015
Mental Marginalia                                                                                    2015
No Dear Magazine (Issue Release)                                                     2015
Urbana Poetry                                                                                            2015
The Eagle & the Wren                                                                             2014
The Louder Arts Project                                                                        2014
Summer Stage Concert Series NYC                                                  2014
Montclair Poetry Festival                                                                     2014
Yale Peabody MLK Day Family Festival                                        2013
SUNY Oneonta                                                                                          2012
Binghamton University                                                                        2012
The Pigeon Presents: The Philadelphia Poetry Slam              2012
First Thursday Poetry Reading – Hawai’i                                     2011
The Big Apple Film Festival (Short Film Category)                  2011
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture                   2011
Pop-Up-Poetry                                                                                         2010, 2014
Utica College                                                                                             2008
Rider College                                                                                             2008
PACE University                                                                                     2008
Fordham University                                                                             2008 and 2012
National Poetry Slam (PSI)                                                                2007, 2008, 2010, 2012

Liers League (performace of another authors short story)    2015
ALL DEF POETRY (performance for a website)                           2014
Pier 59, Chelsea Piers (Nice Shoes Advertising Event)             2011
Spoken Word Almanac Project
(poems written based on News articles for the year.               2008

Connecticut Institute of Art, Greenwich, CT
Major in Commercial and Fine Arts                                                1994–96